Energy Consumption in Microwaves: What You Need To Know

How much energy a microwave consumes will depend mainly on its size but also the type of microwave that it is. Microwaves typically use between 500 and 1800 watts of power while being used, though they can use a higher wattage. Smaller microwaves use fewer watts because they require less power to function, while large … Read more

Is Vinyl Microwave Safe? Answered

Vinyl is often applied to many dishes such as mugs or plates. While vinyl can make a dish look more interesting or make it more unique to you, it isn’t the most durable of substances. Is vinyl safe to microwave? Heat transfer vinyl and temporary adhesive vinyl are not microwave safe, but permanent adhesive vinyl … Read more

Are Mason Jars Microwave Safe? All You Need to Know

Microwaves are a very helpful invention that makes cooking a whole lot faster and easier. However, not every dish is microwave safe; some materials smoke, pop, or even explode. So, can you microwave mason jars? Mason jars are microwave safe, though older mason jars cannot be microwaved as long as newer ones. Mason jars will … Read more

Microwave Safety: Does Looking at a Microwave Hurt Your Eyes?

Microwave ovens emit microwave radiation. This form of radiation is not the same as the nuclear radiation from a nuclear bomb or uranium reactor, but it can still be harmful to people. Since microwave ovens use microwaves to cook food can they also cook your eyes? Looking at a microwave oven is not going to … Read more

Can a Microwave be on the Same Circuit as Other Appliances?

Remodeling a kitchen can be difficult right from the design phase, to the tiling, and even to safety concerns. But among the most difficult parts of remodeling or building, a kitchen is the wiring: if you get it wrong, your appliances may not work or they may overload. With that in mind, can you put … Read more

What is a Magnetron in a Microwave Oven? Explained

Have you ever wondered about the exact mechanics of a microwave? Maybe when you’ve asked or researched in the past, the only answer you found was a vague answer about a magnetron producing microwaves, but that’s not nearly specific enough. What is a magnetron, and how does it heat your food? A magnetron is a … Read more

GFCI in Microwaves: Do They Need it?

Since Microwaves are portable, people keep them all over the place including on a kitchen countertop, above the stove, in their office, or anywhere else with a flat surface. Wherever you’re planning on keeping your microwave you always want to be safe with it. GFCI outlets are often something people consider when thinking about electrical … Read more

Can Microwaves Actually Explode? What You Need To Know

Microwaves are amazing tools, but they are also potentially dangerous as well. Many things can explode, but can microwaves do so? Microwaves can explode for a variety of different reasons. These reasons range from problems with the wiring, dangerous materials one has placed into the microwave, or even foods when that are cooked improperly in … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Microwave Safety

So you have just gotten your new microwave and you want to make sure that when you are using it you want to make sure that you are using it safely so that it will last well into the future. So, what are some of the most important safety features that you should know so … Read more

Can You Microwave With Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil is one of the most popular and common materials that people use in their kitchens. However, while aluminum foil is great in most situations, should you use it in the microwave? Aluminum foil should not be placed into a microwave unless absolutely necessary. However, doing so in small amounts is okay if done … Read more