Energy Consumption in Microwaves: What You Need To Know

How much energy a microwave consumes will depend mainly on its size but also the type of microwave that it is. Microwaves typically use between 500 and 1800 watts of power while being used, though they can use a higher wattage. Smaller microwaves use fewer watts because they require less power to function, while large … Read more

Is Microwave Quinoa Healthy? Tips & Ideas

If you are into healthy eating, you are bound to have seen hundreds of recipes that call for quinoa or recommend using quinoa as an alternative to rice. Quinoa is native to South America and has been a base of their diet for thousands of years although quinoa is a fairly newer grain to become … Read more

Trim Kits: Do You Need One for Built in Microwaves?

Almost all of us have used a microwave before, and they can be found in almost every home and apartment kitchen. In fact, according to some estimates over 90 percent of households have a microwave in the United States. With so many microwaves, there are a variety of ways that they can be incorporated into … Read more

Microwaving Ziploc Containers: All You Need To Know

Microwaves are a beautiful invention that allows people to be able to reheat containers of food. This is usually a safe process as long as the container is considered microwave-safe. Ziploc is one of the companies that make food storage containers, and it is important to understand whether a person needs to remove the food … Read more

Microwaves Explained: Why Do Microwaves Spin?

Are you curious as to why microwaves spin? Well, if so, then you have come to the right place. Make sure to keep reading, because we are going to answer all your questions about why microwaves spin! Microwaves spin to ensure food is cooked evenly. It also helps prevent burning and overheating. The spinning process … Read more

AirFrier vs. Microwave: Your Questions Answered

Are you stuck on a decision between using a microwave or an air fryer? Well, pretty soon, you’re going to have the answers you need to fix that. An air fryer uses convection to fry food with hot air, whereas a microwave uses electromagnetic waves to heat the food’s molecules, heating it up. Both end … Read more

Convection vs. Non-convection Microwaves: The Key Differences

When searching for a new microwave oven appliance for your home, you’ve probably seen two different types of microwaves: A conventional, non-convection microwave oven, and a convection microwave oven. They’re both microwaves, but they look vastly different. So what are their differences? A non-convention microwave is smaller and simply used for reheating food or performing … Read more