What To Do With Condensation in Your Microwave

If your microwave has developed condensation on the inside or on the glass door, it may be concerning to some. We’re here to answer all your questions about what this condensation means and what you should do about it. Condensation on the inside of a microwave is normal and often forms when cooking moist foods … Read more

How To Clean a Microwave – Different Methods

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Can You Microwave Corn On The Cob? Step By Step

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Can You Microwave Milk? All Different Kinds

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How To Microwave Ramen – Step By Step Guide

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Boiling Water in Microwaves: Times for different cups and wattages

Always check the temperature of the water and container before touching it. Never microwave tightly sealed containers as this may result in a high-pressure, dangerous situation. Always use caution when heating anything with anything. You need boiling water for a recipe and you only have a microwave or you just want to use a microwave. … Read more