Microwave Hacks #4: Defrosting Chicken

Our microwaves can do a lot for us to help us out in the kitchen, but can they defrost chicken? Perhaps sticking frozen chicken in the microwave will be much easier than waiting all day for it to thaw in the fridge or in a bowl of cold water, but how can it be done … Read more

Microwave Hacks #3: Get Rid of Burnt Popcorn Smell

Most people love popcorn and make it in the microwave. However, sometimes things get out of hand and you end up with burnt popcorn, which takes a while to leave your microwave. So, what should you do to remove the smell of burnt popcorn from your microwave? To get rid of the smell of burnt … Read more

Microwave Hacks #2: How to Get Rid of Roaches

Using a microwave is everyone’s joy and wonder however, through constant use, microwaves are bound to attract bugs, one of which is roaches. Roaches are one of the worst kinds of bugs that can infest everything and everywhere. The methods for removing roaches from a microwave, for example, are many but which ones are the … Read more

Microwave Hacks #1: Hard Boiled Eggs

Microwaves make more daunting cooking and food reheating tasks simple and quick. You’ve had hard-boiled eggs prepared in a pot of boiling water over the stove, but can you prepare hard-boiled eggs using nothing but a microwave oven? And if so, can you do so safely? Hard-boiled eggs can be prepared safely in the microwave. … Read more