How to cook bacon in the microwave

When cooking bacon in a microwave, make sure the bacon pieces don’t overlap and start checking the bacon after one minute of cooking. “Microwaving bacon takes 1-4 minutes, depending on the thickness of the bacon”. By microwaving the bacon for one minute, which is what I do, you can also check between meals and get … Read more

How hot does a microwave get?

How hot do microwaves get? This is a tricky question that much of the Internet gets wrong. Microwave ovens are not like “normal” ovens. If they were, they would just be called “ovens”, right? Microwave ovens get hot after being run for many minutes. Microwave ovens heat food directly, instead of heating up the air. … Read more

Microwaving paper towels: Rules, tips and safety

Paper towels are a super useful item to have around a modern kitchen. From wiping up your three-year-old’s spills and covering things in the microwave, almost everyone uses them. In this post we’re going to answer all of your questions about microwaving paper towels. Can you microwave paper towels? Yes, paper towels can be microwaved. … Read more

Boiling Water in Microwaves: Times for different cups and wattages

Always check the temperature of the water and container before touching it. Never microwave tightly sealed containers as this may result in a high-pressure, dangerous situation. Always use caution when heating anything with anything. You need boiling water for a recipe and you only have a microwave or you just want to use a microwave. … Read more

Microwave Turntables (need to know)

Can I Use a Microwave Without a Turntable? Yes, you can use a microwave without a turntable. Just keep in mind that your food will not cook evenly unless it is manually turned or stirred periodically.  You will need to either rotate the container your food is in periodically while you microwave to prevent the … Read more